All chimneys, whether they are used for burning smokeless fuel, coal, wood, or even gas, need to be cleaned regularly. This is to ensure they are clear of any sooty deposits or other obstructions that could make them a fire hazard. Also, regular chimney cleaning will ensure that your fireplace is functioning efficiently without any risk of dangerous fume emissions coming into your home.

Chimney sweeping can be a messy procedure but we always use best practise and leave your home and property immaculate.

As well as residential properties we also cater for the commercial sector such as hotels, pubs, restaurants and offices.

We are highly experienced working with both wood burning stoves and open fireplaces. Normally our method of chimney sweeping involves an initial inspection, sealing off the fireplace to control any mess and then passing a chimney sweeping brush through the chimney flue from the ground upwards. Once finished sweeping we clean the whole area, inspect the falling debris for signs of problems.

Our professional team are fully trained, Sweep Safe certified and fully insured. At the end of every job we issue a Sweep Safe Certificate that is recognised by all major home insurers.