How often do I need to have my chimney swept or inspected?

For safety reasons, the following is recommended:

  • Coal – every 6 months
  • Wood – every 4 months
  • Gas – once a year
  • Oil – once a year
What is the best time of year to have my chimney swept?

We advise the best time is just before the burning season in the autumn / winter.

Why do I need to see the brush come out of the top of the chimney?

This is a sign that the brush has passed throughout the flue and is also deemed as a sign of good luck!

Will it cause a mess?

Chimney sweeping is a messy job, however our team are fully trained to manage this. We supply our own cleaning materials such as dust and sheet covers and will advise what we need to carry out the work with best practise. For example, we always ask for a clear route from our entrance point to the fireplace location.

Are you fully insured?

Yes, we have full public and liability insurance and are Sweep Safe Certified.

Will you issue a certificate after the work is finished?

Yes, we issue a Sweep Safe certificate at the end of every job, which is recognised with all major house insurers.